WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement & Regional Trade Facilitation Rules and Regulations
Course Dates: October 24 - November 25, 2016 (Course in English) | Register HERE (Registration is CLOSED)

L’accord de facilitation des échanges de l'OMC et les règles et réglementations relatives à la facilitation des échanges au niveau régional
Dates du cours: 31 Octobre - 2 Décembre, 2016 (Cours en français) | Inscrivez-vous ICI

O Acordo de Facilitação do Comércio da OMC e as Regras e Regulamentos de Facilitação do Comércio Regional
Datas do Curso: 7 Novembro - 9 Dezembro, 2016 (Curso em Português) | Registe-se aqui


The courses will be internet-based, delivered over a 5-week period, moderated by international/regional experts, asynchronous, and puts an emphasis on online discussions, peer-to-peer review and self-paced learning. The participants will be primarily responsible for their own learning over the span of the course. The courses will consist of the following components:

  • Compulsory and optional reading materials relating to the concept of trade facilitation, WTO trade facilitation agreement and implementation, regional trade facilitation and regulations, support and needs assessment.
  • The case study of ECOWAS region with respect to trade facilitation and regional economic integration, examining the significance of trade facilitation measures for the region, trading issues faced by the region, various efforts and policies put in place to reduce trade costs within the region and to facilitate the integration of the region in regional and international value chains.
  • Case Studies and implementation-related reports of trade facilitation measures undertaken by other countries in order to fully understand and examine the costs and benefits of implementing such measures for a country.
  • External links to additional resources and websites related to the modules.
  • A glossary of terms and acronyms provided as a learning tool throughout the course.
  • A quiz at the end of each module.
  • A Community Discussion Board will be available for participants to post questions or comments visible to the instructors and other participants. This discussion board will be moderated by the course mentor.